Lessons I Learned About Waiting

Before anything else, would just want to clarify that this is based on my own experience. Like everyone, I’m still struggling with the right attitude in waiting once in a while. I guess this is more of a note to self than a lesson to share. Hihi.

What is waiting?

Who haven’t experienced waiting?  Lining up in a long customer queu to pay that chewy chocolate at the counter? You’re waiting.  Marking your calendar day after day til it’s Christmas? Boy, you’re waiiiiiting! Might be sitting nervously on that couch for your dream job interview. You are waiting–excitedly waiting. Or, you could also be thinking of that day when Mr. Will would finally have the guts to ask you out on a dinner. Oh, hello there! Happily waiting singles! Hihi. See, we all, in one way or another, experience waiting. And, we usually associate it with the length of time it take until it’s over. But friend, have you pondered on the other side of waiting? What do I mean? Maybe you would understand me better if we define waiting.


WAIT according to Merriam Webster is

: to stay in a place until an expected event happens, until someone arrives, until it is your turn to do something, etc.
: to not do something until something else happens
: to remain in a state in which you expect or hope that something will happen soon

Interesting how defining something makes it really sensible. From its definitions, we can say that waiting is wonderful. It is not as boring-gggg as we oftentimes think it is because we wait in hope for something exciting or great thing to come or happen. The main reason why we deliberately avoid waiting is because we don’t appreciate slow times, we always want things be done in an instant. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with slow times. Who said you can never be productive with anything when waiting? Maybe slow time is what you really need to be productive… by being refreshed–spiritually, emotionally, physically. It would be best to grab the opportunity and let the waiting fulfill its very purpose. ‘Coz as we all know, waiting ends and the best part is there are always wonderful things at the end of it. We wait and refresh then we receive. Now, shouldn’t it be a great time for us to celebrate?  Waiting is indeed exciting! Yes, it is.

How to wait?

Friend, it’s just a matter of perspective. If you would focus on the duration of time without the anticipation of what is to come, you’ll probably get tired of waiting. Why? Because all you would see is the length of time that you would have to go through before waiting is over. Chances are great that you would be a constant whiner and grumbler during the season if you choose to be on this perspective. This is when we could say ‘Wala ka na ngang prutas, nalalagasan ka pa ng lahat ng meron ka.’ Horrible? It is.

On the other hand, waiting could be more exciting and enjoyable if you would decide to see it as a season to prepare yourself for whatever it is that you want to come or have. You’d be fruitful and sensible if you would maintain this attitude. And as the saying goes to say that time flies when you’re happy, you would not notice how time went by when the season is finally over. Win-win situation, di ba? 🙂

Why wait?

Simple. Because it is not yet time for it.

Not yet time to move on to the next season. Not yet time to buy that expensive calligraphy materials you dearly want. Not yet time to eat those mouth watering desserts, either. Ugh. I feel you. Just not yet time for it.

Hurtful experiences of impatience led me to believe and hold on to what the Lord says in Ecclesiastes 3:1

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

I learned it the hard way but it’s worth all the lessons I gained. Through it, I became at peace with waiting. I experienced freedom from worries and frustrations brought about by the uncertainties of time.

The Lord proved Himself faithful in what He said in Psalm 46:10 to “be still and know that I am God”. When I came to surrender every worry and anxiety of waiting and learned to trust that He will work everything for the good of those who love Him, I felt His peace, His peace that transcends all understanding.

More than having things I waited to have, I am more grateful for the waiting season as it woke me up to the truth that it is a time precious to God. It is in this season that He wants us to experience His renewing power. When we could truly come to know Him as a God and Father to us. I have always believed that, that He is God and at the same time Father to us, but it’s reality hit me in the season of waiting. Gosh! Thank you, Lord, for the waiting season!

This season is also when we could test the faith that we profess to have in Him. We may have failed to demonstrate enough faith but we can trust that the author and perfecter of our faith, Jesus, will do exactly as He said He will. He will carry our faith in the next level even through waiting. Trust it. The journey is all worth it.

Embrace every season. Trust in His kind heart and great plans for you and others around you. Be strong in faith. The Lord knows what He is doing. Above anything else, enjoy it with Him.

“Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!” Psalm 27:14


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