Lessons I Learned About Waiting

Before anything else, would just want to clarify that this is based on my own experience. Like everyone, I’m still struggling with the right attitude in waiting once in a while. I guess this is more of a note to self than a lesson to share. Hihi.

What is waiting?

Who haven’t experienced waiting?  Lining up in a long customer queu to pay that chewy chocolate at the counter? You’re waiting.  Marking your calendar day after day til it’s Christmas? Boy, you’re waiiiiiting! Might be sitting nervously on that couch for your dream job interview. You are waiting–excitedly waiting. Or, you could also be thinking of that day when Mr. Will would finally have the guts to ask you out on a dinner. Oh, hello there! Happily waiting singles! Hihi. See, we all, in one way or another, experience waiting. And, we usually associate it with the length of time it take until it’s over. But friend, have you pondered on the other side of waiting? What do I mean? Maybe you would understand me better if we define waiting. Continue reading “Lessons I Learned About Waiting”